Time to wine down…

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Wine is all about transformation.

Water and soil combine. A vine grows and produces grapes. The grapes are crushed into juice. The juice is fermented into wine. And through this remarkable journey… water becomes wine. The process continues when we taste it and we are transformed ourselves. We become relaxed and unburdened.

There’s a story told about a time this transformation happened faster than usual. The first miracle Jesus ever performed was turning water into wine at a party. It isn’t exactly the obvious move for someone considered God in human form. Like wine, Jesus also uses transformation. If we’re honest, we might acknowledge we don’t quite understand Jesus… or wine… or how these two go together in the first place. But perhaps this connection isn’t as unusual as it may seem.

That’s why we design experiences to explore these connections and invite you to see something different. We believe transformation is possible when we experience community and learn to see Jesus with fresh eyes. Prepare for new ideas to take root. It’s time to enjoy the transformation.

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